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Executive Summary 

Research Project RUVII - Government and Administration in the Information Age

Jörn von Lucke, Speyer (Germany)

The Research Institute for Public Administration at the German Postgraduate School for Administrative Sciences in Speyer ( was founded in 1976. It is an independent scientific institute funded equally by the national government and the state (Länder) governments. The institute has a long tradition of doing research in the field of e-government. Prof. Reinermann and his team have gathered knowledge for more than 25 years. The close association to the postgraduate school is as helpful as the regular working conferences on the administrative sciences and research seminars (like SpeBit - Speyer Seminars on IT in Public Administration) involving scientists and civil servants, together with visiting academic speakers from Germany and abroad. They provide a framework for discussing both the findings of recent research and new developments in the principles and practice of information technology in administrative organisations.

Since July 1999 the RUVII-Project (RUVII - Regieren und Verwalten im Informationszeitalter - Government and Administration in the Information Age) is doing basic research in the field of e-government, both on a national and international level. The main focus is on concepts for information, communication and transactions like „portals", „single window access", „one-stop-government", or the structuring of information in accordance with „life-situations", among others. Internet-technologies, as well as call centres and one-stop-shops, are the key to new solutions for virtual government. The benefits and requirements for public administrations to use digital signatures and electronic commerce packages, on federal, state and local level, are another centre of attention.

The next big task will be the release of the RUVII-Database ( in spring 2000, containing relevant data of best practices, leading e-government solutions and business cases worldwide. Experts worldwide are invited to add data via an online form. This collection will be available to the public for free in order to bring government and public administrations together with IT-companies and their knowledge. The intention is to accelerate the spread of e-government technologies in public administration and government on all levels.

Besides the several publications already presented, the project will publish a research report ("Speyerer Forschungsbericht", volume 205), in March 2000: Portals of Public Administrations, including several different approaches for portals in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria and Germany. Other results of the current research will be presented to the German public at the 68th State-scientific advanced training conference: Government and Administration in the Information Age - On the Way to a virtual Public Administration. The conference took place on the Speyer campus in march 2000 ( The website of the project ( also contains several links to interesting e-government sites in Germany and Europe, updated regularly by the staff.

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Dr. Jörn von Lucke

Research Institute for Public Administration at the German Postgraduate School for Administrative Sciences Speyer

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